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Follow Me by Ken Allbon.

When death touches our lives it is heartbreaking, but it is even more tragic when it involves the death of a child. For parents who have lost a child it will change their lives forever and although we know that 'death comes for us all', it provides no solace. It is at these times that we start to question the nature of death and the purpose of life.

Follow Me tells the heartbreaking story of a remarkable, brave young boy called Anthony, who was diagnosed with primary bone cancer - osteosarcoma - following a knee injury, tragically dying at the age of 15. Gentle in nature, he had an abundance of humour, which he never lost throughout his ordeal. Facing his illness with tremendous maturity, it spurned Anthony into action and together with help from his friends and family, he established The Anthony Pilcher Bone Cancer Trust, where he raised the charity's first funds by having his hair shaved off., before losing it to chemotherapy.

The love that surrounded Anthony, through family, friends and God, allowed him to pass with dignity and free from fear. The author, who is Anthony's godfather, hopes to offer some consolation to others who are suffering by sharing Anthony's amazing journey. This book is a tribute to all who knew Anthony, God, and Anthony himself. Click here to read reviews of the book.